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Tuesday, August 20, 2019
Crossing paths

You, too, can rise above. This past weekend I walked my first 5K. My husband didn't come to root me on or see me at the finish line. That stung just a bit. But you know what? I had friends rooting me on. I had supporters. My new friend text me her support before I started. When the race started I quickly fell back as my team mates moved up the hill at a fast pace. I felt deflated as I fell into line with the back of the pack. I ended up walking next to an 80+ man. We started talking and sometimes all you need is a connection with someone. He inspired me to step it up and move forward. I moved past him and up the hill. Later, coming around the bend I saw the water truck. Standing there was my friend who had been way up front of the pack. She waited for me so she could support and finish with me. We even jogged a bit in the end. She let me walk over the finish line first. It felt like a great accomplishment and I was able to mark that off my bucket list. Later, we took pictures with a group of friends who completed the race. Then I saw that old man standing alone. There was nobody around to support him and be at the finish line for him! So, I walked over and chatted with him, congratulated him and found out his stats before I went my own way. I hope that helped him in some way because he encouraged me and maybe both us felt less alone that day for having crossed paths.

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