December 1968  (Age 50)

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Tuesday, August 20, 2019

A new friend was inquiring about possibly starting a blog. This blog is likely not the kind she's interested in. There are no advertisements and it doesn't make me any money. However, this blog does serve a purpose. It is to capture my own internal awakenings and setbacks. The awakenings have been about as slow as the time length between entries. I didn't just step back. I think fell back and I ran in the other direction. Maybe I thought I could start all over; a brand new life. As great as that sounds, the ghosts of the past follow. Sooner or later they step in the path and I'm forced to deal with them. One cannot outrun life; but the fool hardy like myself try. I struggle yet I find inspiration as well. Life isn't really about coming out on the other side. It's more a series of journeys. We find peace and breathe calm breaths at times. Sometimes we have to fight but the important thing is we don't quit at it and we learn how to face those ghosts and dissolve the hold they have on us.

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