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Friday, June 16, 2017
Wow, Double Wow

I was surprised enough to realize this blogdrive site is still going! I was even more surprised to realize its been 6 years since I posted...double wow. Where did they time go? I can't fathom how it seemingly disappeared. I read the last two posts. Who was that person? I feel so different with each passing year. I know I'm the same underneath the drudgery of my cra8zlife but I don't feel the same. I can never just update you on what's happened. I got remarried, I experienced empty nest, I moved countless times searching for god knows what. I changed jobs several times. I both lost and gained weight. I went to concerts, I hid away from life, I grabbed it by its horns, I danced the night away, I slept the day away... yet..... I found my way back here. Wow. To this site. Writing. Still. Need. It. Double wow. I'm going to try and continue unveiling of my soul on paper. You with me?

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